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Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Raymond | Hand sewn | Dress up special moments

This emblematic musical score deserves special work. And here are a few that manage to do it justice, engulfing us in the signature warmth of the brand we grew up with. The idea of ​​”dressing up special occasions and turning them into memories of a lifetime” is a winner in itself.

leprechaun | #ThandRakh

The Sprite is back! Back with a “smart” work that recalls the iconic work of the brand that helped give it a place. Not only is this place very entertaining, but it also describes a situation that can piss off most good people and people you know. It’s set in the sweltering summer heat with Sprite coming to the rescue for both pain points – the heat and the irritating occupant of the ATM. Checks the boxes, tickles the funny bone and is absolutely on the mark. Done smartly.

Joy Cosmetics | kkr | #Be Equal

This is an example of a brand using its IPL team association well. Since the brand speaks to women and for women, the statement is perfectly in place. Male cricketers speaking for their female peers are appropriate. The reveal comes at the end, which makes for an intriguing watch.

Dulux Velvet Touch | Feels like home

We’ve already seen warm, fuzzy homecomings and the like come to the aid of paint marks. This one manages to evoke that warmth without evoking familiarity with a new story. A young woman moving to the city and her father agreeing to the same on his first visit is not only warm but also makes a statement. Professional performances and good production elevate the film.

HP Pavilion | Superior performance where you need it most

There are certain categories where certain brands dominate the others when it comes to direct communication. In the Indian personal computing space, HP is right on top, as it has been for some time now. Here’s another campaign that pays as much attention to the end consumer as it does to the superior attributes of the product. Written to engage, you don’t need to recognize featured influencers to appreciate this kind of work.

Tinder India | All new Explorer

The soundtrack and processing are familiar, in a good way. The decision to match interests and enable social experiments is a fantastic way to expand the reach of the app and its audience. And it was communicated in signature Tinder India style. The expanded reach is also expected to do wonders for increasing Tinder India’s ad revenue.

Jar app | #BachaoJarAppPe

So there’s more where that came from. The success of the first film must have prompted the brand to do more. And the formula works, with top-notch on-screen villains and unforgettable scenes recreated to underscore the #BachaoJarAppPe message.

Tanishq | Come, live a dream

Visual poetry comes to the rescue of the brand. Delightfully shot, it’s a pleasure to watch. The flower theme and soundtrack soothingly transport you to this land of dreamy calm.

LEAD | Professor Hona Aasan Nahin Hota

A beautiful ode to teachers that celebrates their sacrifices and their commitment. It also serves as a reminder that teaching is not a profession that gets its due monetarily. Maybe edtech can solve this problem.

Flipkart Health+ | Laughter is the best medicine

Both children and adults are used by the brand again, as it forays into a new category. Nice link from “laughter as the best medicine” with “incredible discounts of up to 30%”. When everyone’s talking about discounts, the established kids-as-adults theme should help the brand stand out, with a few laughs to get the point across.

maggie | Match – Maggi – Masala

What a sport this guy must be, to accept a campaign that has someone pulling his leg for not playing the IPL. ‘Chinna Thala’ may be off the field during the tournament but makes his presence felt on screen with these films. Kudos to the writers for finding the right time.

Range of MTR minutes | Ready in minutes

3 Minute Breakfast (2019)

The product hasn’t changed much, nor has the promise of food in minutes. But the challenge no longer seems to be instant noodles or cereal breakfast – it’s restaurant food ordered online. This pitch is loaded in favor of the brand. Some of the Indian dishes you order in restaurants are exactly what the brand offers, but with control over the time it takes to get them on your plate.

Fast | Ekdum Aaram Se

The brand has chosen a protagonist among the public to which it is addressed. For this reason, the writing and its choice of ambassadors, it works very well for the brand.

Durex | Intense

The intensity is in the brand name and the slogan. A bit of that rubs off on film, with the lady diving from the plane being a stark departure from what we’re used to seeing in this category. There’s enough to keep you glued for 20 seconds.

Blue Star Air Coolers | Ab Summer Lage Winter Jaise

Well, this man is off the pitch and it might not be his best performance (as an actor), but the spot manages to convey what he intended. “Summer will look like winter” is the message that passes.

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