Women in the Grass Breaking the “Stoner Guy” Stereotype: Women Who Travel Podcast


THE: If you think about how if every consumer were so informed, the choices they could make and the different ways they could spend their money in the industry would multiply, I imagine.

NLH: For sure. The missing link is that there are many, many things we cannot market about our products. The regulatory environment also applies to communication, so the way we talk about our products in our industry in general is narrow. We can’t talk about the effects, or we can’t make any promises because we don’t have clinical trials. We wouldn’t want to make any promises about something we don’t understand, but anecdotally what we hear every day from consumers is that there are constant things that we hear at about certain products. “This product really helps me with pain” and “this product really helps me sleep” and “This one is the best weed product I’ve had for the party.” So it’s interesting to see all that. And yes, you are right. Once consumers really get the hang of it, it’s a completely different experience.

CM: I’d like to know for people who, as Lale was talking about earlier, might come to this space after a high school or college situation, and are now adult adults who might be intimidated by a new dispensary that’s open, if their state to legalize cannabis, what advice do you have or confidence boosters do you have for women who might be exploring this space for the first time?

NLH: I think it’s trying, don’t be afraid. Understand one thing: if you are in a legal dispensary, a licensed legal dispensary, the testing standards for cannabis are incredibly high. To give you that perspective — and I think women will understand this very well — if you go to the supermarket and buy an organic apple, that apple is tested. There are very expensive standards for testing organic. The tests are within millions of percent. Cannabis testing is within billions of percent. It’s incredibly expensive to put a product on the shelf, because as you can imagine, I mean, we hear about flower failure tests all the time because the nearby artichoke farm uses a certain type of pesticide and the wind blew it into the cannabis farm, right? That’s how expensive it is. So number one, don’t be afraid to try different products.

Talk to your friend and be really honest. Second, really ask a lot of questions about the dosage. Especially if you’re talking about any type of edible. Edibles are everything, it’s all about dosage. Thus, we believe that the most common dosage for an adult, new adult user, is between 5 and 10 milligrams. I, for example, am really happy with a two and a half milligram edible. I’m probably more in the lightweight category, but I also use every day so it’s really interesting that my tolerance hasn’t changed much. So that’s another thing to really look at, or ask, ask those questions, right? When a budtender sometimes tries to sell you something, they’re assuming you’re looking for value or looking for the best bang for your buck in terms of THC or potency. And I don’t think that’s good for most of us, I think most of us are afraid of that. First we just want to crawl, walk, sprint to figure it all out. So ask the questions, know the term “dosage”, start with a little, whatever you think you should start with, start with half and see how you feel. Wait two hours because everyone’s metabolism is different.

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