We’re Costco super shoppers – it’s our favorite value buys, from roast chicken to medicine


COSTCO is famous for its vast warehouses filled with low-cost and wholesale products.

Although you have to pay a membership fee to buy most items at Costco, the annual fee quickly pays for itself in savings.


Some Costco products offer the best valueCredit: Getty

However, new buyers may have trouble finding the biggest discounts or knowing which products are worth the price.

Some uninitiated Costco consumers have taken to Reddit, particularly r/Costco and r/Frugal, to ask store veterans about their favorite purchases.

While every shopper had their own idea of ​​how to get the best bang for the buck, these Reddit threads offer a great overview of some of Costco’s best deals.

Here are the products that loyal Costco customers always buy for their value.

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Roast chicken

Almost as iconic as the $1.50 hot dog, Costco’s $5 rotisserie chicken is beloved by fans of the chain.

Birds average about three pounds, which means you get multiple chicken meals for just $5.

To really stretch the deal, one Reddit user said he squeezes Costco chicken for every nutrient he can get.

“I use every part of their rotisserie chicken – I pull the meat out, then store the bones and bits in the freezer to make chicken broth.”

Roast chicken is a frugal and economical option.


Costco’s low gas prices have become something of a legend this year as gas prices have soared and stayed above $4 a gallon on average.

As The Sun covered, you can typically fill up at Costco for up to 30 cents less per gallon than at a local gas station.

Redditors also suggested buying gas at Costco, saying they save 25-30 cents on the gallon.

Car rental

Through Costco Travel, the retailer offers discounts on hotels, flights, cruises, rental cars, and more.

Although you don’t usually check your grocery store for a cheap rental car, Costco has some of the lowest prices and a price comparison tool.

You can easily compare rates from Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise to find the best deal for your rental needs.

Of these four brands, you can book a weeklong rental in New York for as little as $230 through Costco.

On Kayak, the cheapest rental for the same city and period was $278, while the price was $431 on Priceline.

There are also no cancellation fees if you rent through Costco Travel, which eliminates another potential expense.


From grated to blocks, and from goat to parmesan, Reddit users had no shortage of praise for Costco’s cheese.

“I just bought two pounds of sliced ​​quality cheese for $8 and a wheel of French Brie for $5,” wrote one Redditor.

Costco offers cheese in bulk, including four- to five-pound blocks for around $3 a pound, as well as smaller portions that always offer savings.

For a few examples, Costco sells 4.5 pound packages of parmesan cheese for $2.99 ​​less than Walmart, and bulk pepper jack cheese for $3.46 per pound compared to Walmart’s $7.54 per pound. .

Over-the-counter medications

Costco’s pharmacy is one of the few parts of the store open to non-members.

Members have access to the prescription program, which offers approximately 2% to 40% savings on prescription drugs.

However, generic drug prices are the same for members and non-members and lower than most competitors.

According to a 2018 Consumer Reports study of 150 pharmacies nationwide, Costco offers lower average prices than all of its competitors except online pharmacy HealthWarehouse.com.

Shopping around is key to finding the lowest price on drugs, but Costco is worth the trip for a bargain.

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If you’re considering ending your Costco membership, these four signs may indicate that it’s time to pull the plug.

Plus, a former Costco employee explained why shoppers should always buy items with prices ending in 97 cents.

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