UK medicine change expert Maxwellia continues to drive the shift to self-care with two more pharmaceuticals being launched


Pushing to convert more prescription drugs to pharmacy drugs will firmly position pharmacists at the heart of the country’s public health, helping the NHS to future-proof

MANCHESTER, England, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Following the reclassification of the daily progestin-only pill earlier this year, Maxwellia has made history by launching Lovima® (desogestrel 75mcg) one of the first brands of oral contraceptives to be available in pharmacies. It was the first product marketed for Maxwellia, the pioneering pharmaceutical company which foresees further milestones as it spearheads a significant transformation in the UK personal care market.

Based in Alderley Park, cheshire, Maxwellia is currently investigating a number of drugs that treat a range of conditions in major public health categories that can be ‘transitioned’ from the need for a prescription to convenient purchase at a local street or supermarket pharmacy. With its foot firmly on the accelerator, it already has two other applications under review with the MHRA, including women’s health products.

Expanding access to a range of medicines in this innovative way will not only transform the way people manage and monitor their own health and expand the role of pharmacists, but this change could also help alleviate unnecessary pressure on GPs, who are currently gatekeepers to a range of drugs. which could easily be provided by a pharmacist with a short pharmacy consultation. The change is a rigorous process regulated by the MHRA. Previous well-known examples of switches include Nurofen, Canesten and Viagra Connect and more recently Lovima®.

Pharmacies have become even more instrumental in helping people take care of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading many patients to recognize the important role pharmacists play in primary care. They’re not just there for bandages, dry skin, and cough and cold remedies. This is underlined by a study by PAGB, the healthcare consumer association, which found that after the first national lockdown, 69% of people were more likely to consider self-care as their first option.1.

Almost a third (32%) said the pandemic had changed their attitude to how they use NHS services, with 86% agreeing A&E and GP appointments should only be used when they are essential. The survey also found that 31% of people who would not previously have visited a pharmacy for advice before seeking help elsewhere said they were now more likely to do so.

CEO of Maxwellia, Anna Maxwellsaid: “This pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s behavior and attitudes towards self-care. We are seeing signs that people are starting to pay more attention to their health and are taking active steps to make daily changes to better take care of their own health. A big part of enabling this change will be enabling easier access to medicines that help people better manage their own health more easily and conveniently.

Great Britain pharmacies have become the ‘gateway’ to the NHS over the past two years and pharmacists are now the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals. I have always been passionate about the role of pharmacists who are highly trained clinical experts, assisting patients and the public by assessing conditions and making decisions about the most appropriate medications or treatments, dispensing prescriptions, and providing health checkups and consultations. As a pharmacist I know how important they are in helping people take care of themselves and I see them playing an increasingly important role in the local community as medical advisors. It is essential that more drugs are changed safely, so that people can access them after a short consultation with a pharmacist. »

Maxwellia was founded in 2013 and was purpose-built to develop and market the next generation of consumer healthcare pharmacy brands to provide people with new and better ways to take care of themselves. Its robust portfolio includes many medicines in the areas of public health with the greatest unmet need. Maxwellia has firmly established a strong sales, logistics and supply chain with industry-leading partners to successfully launch its groundbreaking new brands in pharmacy.

Rising public demand, a severe budget crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have all put the NHS under unprecedented pressure. According to NHS England, there are 18million GP appointments and 2.1million A&E visits each year for self-treating conditions, costing the NHS £850million.2

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About Lovima®

Lovima® 75 microgram film-coated tablets (containing desogestrel) are a new pharmacy licensed (P) brand of a daily progestogen-only contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy in women of childbearing age. It is available from UK pharmacies without a prescription. Always refer to the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).

About Maxwellia

Founded in 2013, Maxwellia is a British female-founded pharmaceutical company and the only company in the world entirely dedicated to ‘changing’ – from prescription-only medicines to versions that can be purchased without a prescription from a pharmacy. The change is a rigorous regulatory process allowing pharmacists to safely supply what were previously prescription-only drugs. Maxwellia develops and markets the next generation of consumer healthcare pharmaceutical brands treating a range of conditions in major public health categories. It aims to provide people with new ways to take care of themselves by making widely used and effective medicines available in pharmacies. It has two applications under review and its pipeline includes other women’s health products. An independent venture capital start-up, Maxwellia has been financially backed by the Future Fund, a government initiative to help UK’s cutting-edge companies of the future thrive.

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