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The Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union (ZPNU) has warned the public against purchasing pharmaceuticals from institutions and unregistered dealers because they risk their lives.

Street drugs are not tested and there is no guarantee that they are genuine and that they have been stored correctly.

These drugs are distributed by untrained sellers, who have usurped the functions of doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

ZPNU President Robert Chiduku said people should buy drugs from reputable outlets to avoid giving fake drugs that would make their condition worse.

“The truth is that the medicine will be given to you by a person who has no knowledge of this medicine, they do not even know the class of the medicine, whether it is an antibiotic or a pain reliever, they do not even know about the pharmacological action and the way the drugs work in the body and also how they cure someone. It is bad to get drugs from someone who is not a doctor because these people don’t even know the possible side effects of these drugs and how those side effects can be reversed or upset, ”he said. declared.

He also said that there is also a growing tendency for people to avoid visits to doctors and to go directly to seek drugs from pharmacies.

“People are now avoiding going to consulting rooms to see doctors and going directly to pharmacies to buy non-prescription drugs, which is very bad. It is not a good practice and it is not allowed. People who sell drugs usually have a motive for making a profit, ”he said.

High mark-ups imposed by importers, wholesalers and retailers of drugs have resulted in a flood of cheaper drugs from neighboring countries and sold on the streets by vendors.

Some drugs are banned by the Zimbabwe Medicines Control Authority (MCAZ) due to their dangerous effects, but they end up illegally on the market.

Unauthorized drug vendors who sell skin lightening creams, sex enhancing products, pain relievers and various other products continue to be a threat in the country.

Some of the drugs sold in the street without a prescription include: cotrimoxazole, ibrufen, pethidine, stromox, super apetito, erythromycin, azithromycin combicult, brimal sachets, Broncleer, comblimodus, tablets of diclofenac, Depo Provera, doxycycline, hydrochloride injection, Attesan, benzylpenzillin, diezpam and ampicilasodica

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