Survey finds most millennials take at least 1 prescription drug a day


The pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges over the past two years, with many people of all ages and backgrounds struggling financially, physically and mentally. A new study on prescription drug use and the mental health of millennials found that 68% of respondents take prescribed medication at least daily, with medication for depression or anxiety being the most commonly reported.

Impact of the pandemic on the mental health of millennials

The report found that the most common type of prescription taken by millennials is anti-anxiety medication. After anxiolytics come antidepressants. Additionally, 16% of millennials have started taking a mental health-related prescription since March 2020. The impact of the pandemic on mental health across the world is something that is ongoing. However, 61% of millennials in the United States say their mental health has suffered since 2020. In total, 68% of millennials take at least one prescription medication daily, and 1 in 5 take multiple prescriptions daily.

Prescription costs and effect on use

With more and more millennials taking prescription drugs, questions about prescription prices arise as some companies and entrepreneurs seek to reduce costs for consumers. More than half of millennials report asking for generic brand drugs to cut costs. 95% think the cost of prescriptions should be lowered and 1 in 5 admit to skipping doses to save money.

Just over one in 10 millennials had to choose between being able to buy food or pay for their medicine. It’s just not millennials who are affected, 29% say someone in their household went without prescription drugs because they couldn’t afford it. In fact, 15% of people report having an expired or old prescription at home and 35% say they have taken an expired prescription.

Use of vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements are also something that many millennials use regularly. 78% say they take vitamins or supplements, with slightly more women (81%) consuming them. The most consumed vitamins in this age group are multivitamins and vitamin D.

When it comes to costs, 42% say they spend up to $19 a month on vitamins, but only 28% say they take it because it was suggested to them by their doctor. Additionally, 1 in 3 people say the pandemic has made them more interested in vitamins and supplements. Although the oldest millennial is now 41, 52% say they prefer gummies to pills.

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