Stores ordered to sell prescription drugs only


LAHORE: The Pakistan Medicines Regulatory Authority (DRAP) has ordered that medical stores no longer sell drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

According to a notification issued by the DRAP, the sale of drugs should not be done anywhere without a prescription, which will be issued by an approved doctor; the practical availability of qualified pharmacists in each pharmacy must be ensured for the sale of any drug and pharmacies will be closed to the sale of drugs without a prescription and the presence of a qualified pharmacist. Noor Muhammad Mahar, specialist pharmacist and legal expert, said that on every medical store, the names of doctors and pharmacists should be written on the store / pharmacy invoice.

The doctor’s prescription registered by PMC should only suggest the generic name of a drug. There should be no possibility of holding, writing or selling drugs in exchange for donations to doctors and medical stores etc., he said.

Noor Muhammad Mahar said the Pakistan Drug Lawyers’ Forum will continue to guide the government to ensure the process of writing generic prescriptions. No sale in medical stores without a prescription, etc., he said. “If the law is further delayed, collective demonstrations will be organized across the country from January 2022,” he added.

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