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To face daily aggressions, we want our skincare rituals to heal beyond the surface, nourishing not only the skin but also our senses.

A relaxing bath can be a healing ritual to cleanse and revitalize not only the body, but also your mind. Whether it’s a soothing balm to calm your anxiety or an uplifting mist to lift your spirits, choosing the right skincare for your needs can help promote emotional and spiritual well-being. Here are seven brands that not only nourish the skin, but also emotionally soothe. These brands take a holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and soul using aromatherapy, minerals, and gemstones.



AEOS products are made in accordance with its philosophy – caring for the soil, nourishing the skin, nourishing the soul. It works specifically to improve the skin by working in harmony with the skin’s natural physiology. Interestingly, the brand does not categorize its product line into skin types. We encourage you to take note of your skin condition and adjust AEOS usage accordingly. If calm and serenity are what you are looking for, then its blue formulation is for you. Pink recognizes the desire to bring more kindness, care and love into your life. And yellow attracts you, you intuitively ask for more joy, happiness and self-confidence in your life. Spagyric crystal essences from ingredients such as amethyst, turquoise, and emerald for blue; pink quartz, fire opal and rubellite for pink; and calcite, zincite and fire opal for yellow, are also added to help soothe the effects of stress on your skin. Similar to its sister brand Aura-Soma, soil to skin to soul is the ethos of this biodynamic skincare brand. With its own 500 acre sanctuary called Shire Farm, where the purest herbs and plants known to man are carefully cultivated, the land is deeply nurtured and the wildlife and natural flow are abuzz with pure elation.

subtle energies

2. Subtle energies

Subtle Energies was founded in 1993 by Farida Irani, who has a background in Ayurveda, clinical aromatherapy, aroma medicine and reflexology. The brand creates results-driven aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions grounded in the authentic principles of Ayurveda. Its line of products and treatments are created with the aim of addressing skin and body concerns and promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being. The brand’s skincare line uses essential oils from Ayurveda Aromatherapy to bring positive results to the skin, body and senses. Its “Enhance My Yoga” collection includes a refreshing spray and toner for balanced sleep and to calm inflammation and the mind.


3. Kalmar

Creating products based on the moods of joy, calm, peace and love, Kalmar is all about caring for your mind, heart, body and soul. Its luxurious wellness products are infused with sustainably sourced gemstone extracts and key botanicals; mood-enhancing properties aim to help you create sacred rituals to rejuvenate your being, uplift your mood and boost your energy. Kalmar wellness essentials come with a mantra to help you reconnect with your soul. For example, his Peace Balm of Serenity is accompanied by the mantra: “I connect to my inner self. I connect to the energy of peace of Mother Earth.



Developed by Reiki Master and Company Founder Lejla Cas, KNESKO embraces holistic elements and combines both science and spirituality, including the use of gemstones and Reiki techniques (all masks and rollers are charged with Reiki energy) to awaken the chakras of the body. Reiki addresses the body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating therapeutic effects such as relaxation, peace and well-being. Its serum-infused collagen gel masks use gemstones and minerals to activate the chakras and rejuvenate the skin. Its exclusive GEMCLINICAL technology is designed for maximum absorption. The brand uses gemstones for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the precious minerals found in the crystals and gemstones also have mood-boosting and skin-restoring properties.

Aromatherapy Associates

5. Aromatherapy Associates

In the early 1970s, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey experienced firsthand the powerfully positive effects of essential oils on our physical and emotional well-being. Hoping to share the benefits of aromatherapy, they went on to found Aromatherapy Associates, offering therapeutic-grade products and treatments. The brand creates a sensory experience with the highest concentrations of natural ingredients so that its formulations set the benchmark for essential oil blends. Its Inner Strength collection contains pure essential oils and includes a body cream, body oil, roll-on, and the award-winning Inner Strength bath and shower oil, touted as a “coping mechanism in a bottle”. It was created by Geraldine Howard to help you feel comforted and calm.

Neal’s Court Remedies

6. Neal’s Court Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies is an award-winning brand founded by natural health advocate Romy Fraser in 1981. It is the first UK retailer to sell certified organic essential oils. The brand’s pre-blended essential oils are developed by professional aromatherapists to help with the most common emotions and conditions. Today, the brand’s range includes everything from skincare to bath and body care infused with essential oils and botanical extracts. You can choose your products based on your wellness goals and select items from categories like Energy Boosters, Sleep Solutions, Stress Busters, and more. The brand also offers a range of treatments and therapies in-store for customers who want a pampering session as well as online for those who want to pamper themselves in the comfort of their own home.

he has

7. there

it aims to nourish far beyond the surface of the skin. The brand strives to nurture and nurture the soul. Founder Denise Leicester hopes that those who use ila products at home will begin to experience a real sense of healing and fulfillment on a daily basis. Moreover, the products are created in small batches and are imbued with positive intentions or a mantra. ila products and treatments are designed to bring about biological and emotional changes through touch and smell. For example, its Soul Medicine mists aim to nurture harmony between mind and heart while its Inner Peace collection contains nurturing and nurturing ingredients such as healing minerals and essential oils to soothe problem skin and improve emotional well-being.

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