Ron Florio Bail Bonds -What Are Bail And Bondsman?

It is not always easy to understand the process of bail. We are here to answer all your questions about bail. If you do not find the answer to your question, please do not delay in contacting us, url here.

What are bail and bondsman?

A bail is a contract between the court and a bail agent who indicates that the agent will make sure that the defendant appears in front of the court for all of their required hearings or will pay the full bail amount to the court.

If an individual is arrested and a bail has been established by the court, the individual can secure his release while the case is pending by putting cash or property, equal to the full bail amount, as collateral in court. Once the case has been concluded in court, your guarantee will be returned to the depositor.

If an individual does not have enough money or property to cover the full bail amount, you can use the services of a bail agent or “bondsman” through Beck. The agent undertakes to ensure the freedom of the arrested individual in exchange for a fee of 8-10% of the total amount of the bond. The arrested individual is also required to provide a cosigner who will take full responsibility for the full bail.

When the fee has been negotiated and a cosigner has taken responsibility for the full bond, the bail agent delivers the bail to the jail and the arrested individual is released.

How long is the bail process?

In most cases, the bail process is timely and efficient. The bail agent will ask a series of questions to the person who communicates with the agent over the phone to rate bail. When the qualification process has been completed, the agent makes preparations with that individual to visit the branch and complete the process. The bond is given to the jail and the individual is released.

The time between the first call to the bail agency and the release of the arrested individual is between 30 minutes and six hours. The main delay is the time it takes the prison to prosecute the individual for release after the bond has been released to the jail. Beck can not accelerate the release of the detainee once bail has been released to the jail.

Can I start the bail process by phone?

If a loved one or friend is in jail, you can expedite the process of your release by calling your local Beck branch immediately. An agent will be available to assist you and begin the process to free your friend or loved one now. Even the agent can pre-approve and deliver your bail to the jail before you arrive at the branch.

Do I need collateral or a guarantee?

Although some bonds require that the detained individual or co-signer make collateral or collateral, several bonds can be made with only one guarantee signature.

How long will it take for the arrested individual to get out of jail?

Depending on jail release times, the bail process usually lasts between 30 minutes and six hours. The bail agent has no control over the release of the detained individual after the bail has been delivered to jail. In some cases, the detainee’s release may be delayed by the high number of other detainees who are also in the process of release.

Will my money be returned when the case is closed?

The fee charged for bail is not refundable after the detainee is released from jail. The fees are also not reimbursable regardless of whether the court files formal charges against the arrested individual. If for some reason, the jail does not release the detainee after the bail has been paid, all the money is returned to the individual who delivered it to the agency.

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