Official says Iran’s claim on drug self-sufficiency is not true


An official from the Iranian Drug Importers Union said official claims of self-sufficiency in the production of raw materials for drugs and pharmaceuticals were not true.

In an interview with the Iranian Labor News Agency on Sunday, the deputy director of the Association of Iranian Pharmaceutical Importers, Mojtaba Bourbour, said about 80 to 90 percent of the raw materials needed are imported from China and India. He added that some drugs are imported from China but sold as being made in Iran.

Noting that there are no specific data on the amount of imports of packaged medicines from overseas, Bourbour said unofficial figures indicate a drop from $ 400 million to about $ 700 million since the last year.

He added that most of Iran’s imports of packaged medicine come from the United States and European countries, followed by India and Turkey.

He also criticized government policies that led to the decline in imports, warning that drug prices could rise dramatically in the coming months due torestrictions imposed by the health ministry and not foreign sanctions.

Also on Sunday, Iranian Health Minister Bahram Eynollahi spoke of new restrictions on imports of drugs and pharmaceuticals, while the Food and Drug Administration announced a ban on imports of COVID-19 vaccines.

Eynollahi urged people to trust drugs made in Iran and warned Iranian doctors against prescribing foreign brand drugs.

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