Norfolk Business Awards: Scaling Business of the Year


07:00 a.m. February 9, 2022

The Norfolk Business Awards aim to celebrate success – and the Scale-up Business of the Year award, sponsored by Archant, highlights outstanding growth. The 2021 winner was Norwich-based online medical company e-Surgery.

It’s fair to say that e-Surgery is a well-founded company, having won the prestigious SME of the Year award at the 2020 Business Awards – when co-founder and CEO Dr. committed to returning, saying, “We have big plans for 2021… we have no plans to slow down and aim to make e-Surgery a household name.

e-Surgery founders Dr Thuria Wenbar and Dr Oskar Wendowski also won the 2020 SME of the Year award
– Credit: Archant

Their success as Scale-up Business of the Year suggests they are on the right track. “Our mission is clear: we change lives through accessible health care,” says Dr. Wenbar. “Our digital system allows patients to choose how they want to manage their health, alongside our excellent NHS services.

“The ability to choose is something that people have really valued since even before the pandemic. Our e-Pharmacy API platform unites our efforts, the efforts of NHS pharmacies and third-party brands to support as many patients as possible. We are always looking to work alongside other companies.

Dr. Thuria Wenbar and Dr. Oskar Wendowski from e-Surgery

For a growing business like e-Surgery, there is no more important award than Scale-up Business of the Year
– Credit: Matt Brasnett/Archant

Although the coronavirus has posed challenges for all businesses, it has also brought a silver lining to e-Surgery: “The pandemic has helped accelerate the adoption of digital health technologies, as home delivery is become less of a luxury and more of a necessity,” admits Dr Wenbar. “The whole healthcare landscape was rapidly changing and a radically new way of thinking about minor health issues and prescription treatments was needed to bridge the gap between patients and GPs.

“Our service works alongside the NHS, reducing the number of patients who come to A&E for minor health issues. We are proud to be able to help! We are especially proud of all the corporate partners who join us in this mission. A brand that sells cosmetics can now offer prescription treatments for acne, eczema and psoriasis, and a mobile app that supports postmenopausal women can now also offer safe and effective treatment through our platform.

The challenge for e-Surgery was the lack of public awareness of the availability of online medical services. “Patients only found us when they reached a point of desperation,” says Dr. Wenbar. “To combat this, we’ve partnered with third-party brands to drive awareness here in the UK and then around the world.”

The company continues to have ambitious plans for future growth, seeking to broaden its partner base and explore opportunities in new industries to enable third-party companies to offer prescription drugs in addition to their existing products. “That includes adult toy companies, skincare brands, mobile apps,” says Dr. Wenbar. “And partnerships with NHS pharmacies to provide patients with same-day and local collections. From there, we’ll start to expand internationally.”

The judges noted, “We were very impressed with the scalability of e-Surgery’s business model and the opportunities it has in the vast market in which it operates. It is an innovative, agile and sustainable company that is ideally placed to grow rapidly and seize new opportunities. Digital health services are in demand and there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in the number of people wanting to see their clinician or buy their prescription online.

It’s been quite a journey for Dr. Wenbar, who founded the company in 2018 with her husband Oskar. “I’ve loved every moment of this business – from when it was just three people to managing a team on three continents,” she says. the business has grown, I have learned to be an enabler to those around me, I simply need to remove the things that are blocking their path to success.

“The whole team is thrilled to have won the Scale-up Business of the Year award,” she says. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to publicize our innovative eHealth service.

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