Namakkal pharmacies warned of action against over-the-counter sale of prescription drugs


District Collector Shreya P. Singh has warned against taking action against pharmacies that sell drugs without a prescription. This decision follows the death of a woman who allegedly consumed abortion medication she had purchased from a pharmacy.

According to health department officials, the 29-year-old woman from Ramapuram near Mallasamuthiram bought medicine from a pharmacy near her home to terminate her pregnancy. The woman’s health reportedly deteriorated after taking the drugs and she died unresponsive to the treatment. Based on reports, the District Collector ordered a team led by the Deputy Director of Family Welfare, Mr. Valarmathi, to investigate the incident.

Ms Valarmathi said the patient had complications and the use of non-prescribed abortion drugs had worsened her health. The team carried out inspections at the pharmacy near the woman’s residence and found used syringes and medicine bottles outside. As the owner of the pharmacy failed to show up, the team sealed the store.

According to officials, disbelievers broke into the pharmacy and allegedly stole medicine from the spot. Mallasamuthiram Block Officer had registered a police complaint in this regard.

The district collector said there had been an increase in abortions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms Singh advised the public to approach primary health centers or government hospitals for safe medical termination of pregnancy.

She warned of tough action against pharmacies involved in the over-the-counter sale of drugs that should only be sold on prescription.

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