Mum’s new bid for CBD drug on NHS to treat daughter Teagan Appleby’s epilepsy is rejected


A mum who has fought for access to NHS-funded drugs for her epileptic daughter says she received another ‘slap in the face’ after her latest appeal was rejected.

Emma Appleby, from Aylesham, has spent years campaigning for prescription medical cannabis to relieve the symptoms of 12-year-old Teagan, whose seizures have been so severe in the past that she was placed in intensive care .

Teagan Appleby’s condition improved dramatically with cannabis medicine

But doctors again refused to prescribe the drug, even though it was cleared for medical use four years ago and is now used regularly by other children.

The only way Teagan can access something similar is if the family can find £2,000 a month for an unlicensed drug.

And to add insult to injury, the licensed drug, Epidyolex (or Epidiolex), is made just 25 miles away in Sittingbourne.

The drug has proven to transform the lives of many children, including Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, who were at the forefront of the summer 2018 campaigns that led to the law being changed.

Teagan’s mother says she has responded well to whole-plant medical cannabis which contains both CBD and THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, but sometimes has to vary the mix of the two main components in light of the changing patterns of seizures.

Teagan Appleby has dangerous seizures
Teagan Appleby has dangerous seizures

After consulting with experts on the impact of medical cannabis on childhood epilepsy, Emma believes her daughter will benefit from a higher concentration of CBD in her medication. This could be achieved by a prescription of Epidyolex CBD isolate.

However, when Emma approached King’s College Hospital in London and asked to be considered for a prescription, her request was rejected on the grounds that she had already used the drug under the access scheme. compassionate care that predated her full license, then switched to another whole plant extract when Teagan’s condition deteriorated.

Emma said: “When I thought this whole situation couldn’t get any worse, it did.

“Despite Teagan’s consistent improvement in quality of life when given medical cannabis whole plant extract, I was consistently refused an NHS prescription as it is not licensed and had to fundraising tirelessly over the past four years to buy it privately.

“And now when I ask for a prescription for the only authorized medical cannabis medicine, I’m told ‘no’ because I’ve used it before. It feels like another slap in the face.”

Ms Appleby is appealing to her MP Natalie Elphicke for help.

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