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Global trends indicate that the sports field is considered to be one of the largest industries, both in terms of income and employment. Sports activity involves activities both on and off the pitch ranging from tournaments, player contracts, branding, media, training, merchandising, etc. India, known as a hub of information technology and services, is slowly evolving and focusing on other sectors. specifically sport. While India has been associated with the sport for several decades, the main focus has been on cricket, with other sports receiving little attention. At present, there is an increased interest in sports with increased participation and diversification into events other than cricket. The recent performance of Indian players at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has made the nation optimistic about the opportunities in the booming sports sector.


The introduction of various sports leagues such as Indian Premier League, Indian Badminton League, Pro Kabbadi, Indian Super League, etc. There is growing interest among sports authorities, state governments, sports brands, event planners and tech companies. Greater involvement of the private sector as well as non-profit organizations in partnership with development initiatives led by state governments indicates a plethora of opportunities in this sector. There are game-changing programs like “Khelo India” which seeks to address infrastructure issues, talent management and training facilities. India’s sports industry at an inflection point and sports federations recognize the need for institutionalized and sustained methods to create a sports wave in India rather than isolated examples of success. All of this heralds a new dawn in sports – a sector poised for exponential growth. It requires young talent both on and off the pitch.


The development of the sports industry in India is resulting in opportunities for management professionals in various fields. Sectors directly related to sport and related sectors like sports medicine, health and physical training, sports tourism are facing a talent shortage in sports and league management. The industry offers career opportunities in areas such as coaching, sports branding, sports analysis, technology equipment management, talent management, sports event management, team management. sports media, sports medicine, broadcasting and sports journalism. As technology makes inroads into various fields, technologies such as Video Assistant Referee (VAR), athlete performance quantification, predictive models, and more. require professionals with training in sports analysis. Sponsorship and event management require professionals ready to work around the clock with brands, athletes and training federations.


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Adrenaline-charged sports on and off the pitch require good coordination between players, teams, government, federations, sponsors and sports brands. In India, the availability of professional sports managers is lower or minimal. This is exactly where a sports management course will play its part and fill the void. A sports management program upgrades a student from fan status and teaches them that there is more to the sports business than just putting down roots for their favorite team. A sports management program provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills with a focus on finance, management, marketing, analysis, law, etc. regarding organizations operating in the sports industry. Students can take advantage of several types of sports-related opportunities after graduating from a sports management program. Some of the opportunities available for postgraduate students are working as coaches, trainers, event managers, public relations officers, sports organization coordinator, sports marketing consultant, program and facilities manager, promoter of professional sports, sale of sports equipment and products, sports event planner and manager, sports journalist, sports law expert, sports sponsorship specialist, director of operations, venue management professionals, media professional, etc. .


KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and Somaiya Sports Academy offer a full-time 2-year MBA Sports Management degree covering various aspects of Marketing, Branding, Media, Technology and Analytics, strategy, finance and law, local development, etc. The MBA-SM program brings students the latest courses in the field of sports management to develop professionally trained and industry ready managers for the sports and sports sectors. The institute has state-of-the-art sports facilities with a dedicated team of certified coaches and sports development professionals. KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and Somaiya Sports Academy with world-class sports facilities for on-the-job experiential learning opportunities and international immersion opportunities, prepare students to become industry professionals in global industry billion dollar that is propelled by huge consumer demand.

Disclaimer: Content produced by Dr Anjali Chopra, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management

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