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ALLENTOWN, Pa. — A Lehigh Valley doctor is accused of prescribing controlled substances.

Dr. John Mitchell was arrested on Monday and charged with nine counts of prescribing a controlled substance outside of accepted principles of treatment and four counts of prescribing a controlled substance to a drug addict, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

An investigation has been opened after a woman was found dead in her bedroom in May 2018, according to court documents. Several prescription bottles prescribed by Mitchell were found in the woman’s bedroom, according to court documents.

Authorities investigated the drugs found at the scene and attended the pharmacy where the prescription was filled. Investigators found that Mitchell had prescribed the woman several controlled substances, according to court documents.

During an investigation, authorities found that 15 patients had been prescribed large amounts of opioids or stimulants, according to court documents. Authorities executed a search warrant at Mitchell’s office in Allentown and found prescription bottles with the patients’ names filled with medication, according to court documents.

Per DEA regulations, collection and disposal of controlled substances may only be performed by a reporter authorized by law enforcement as part of their official duties. Authorities seized the pill bottles and medications.

In addition to Mitchell prescribing higher doses than the FDA recommends, he did not have controlled substance agreements outlining patient and physician responsibilities in taking highly addictive drugs, according to court documents.

Authorities say Mitchell failed to effectively use urine screening to monitor patients taking Schedule 2 drugs. He failed to keep proper medical records on patients, lacking indications for tests. physical or diagnostic data to support prescribed medications, according to court documents.

In February 2018, Mitchell was convicted of immoral and unprofessional conduct for prescribing ADHD medication above the manufacturer’s recommended doses. He was fined $3,500 and had to take 30 hours of remedial lessons for immoral and unprofessional conduct.

69 News learned that he was suspended in 2006 for three years. This is because he prescribed drugs to a patient he was romantically involved with at the time.

Mitchell posted $75,000 bond on Monday evening and will return to court for his preliminary hearing on June 9.

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