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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, November 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – KetamineOne Capital Limited (“Ketamine One” or the “Company”) (NEO: MEDI) (OTC: KONEF) (FRA: 6FC), a company focused on consolidating medical clinics and becoming a North American leader in mental health treatments, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a telehealth and virtual health partnership to increase accessibility and offer of services to its patients (the “”Telehealth Strategy“). In order to better meet the needs of patients and to integrate the telehealth strategy into its portfolio of mental health clinics, its contract research capabilities and its focus on digital therapy, the company launched a patient-oriented website at the ‘address patients / home (the “New website“).

The new website offers visitors the ability to find a clinic, get a referral form, and learn more about ketamine, the company’s process, and treatments for various ailments, among other information. To publicize its new telehealth strategy, the company is also creating social media profiles on various platforms under the “K1 Integrative Care” brand and similar iterations, which will also be patient-focused, like the new site. Web. Additionally, the main company website at has been updated with more information about itself, KGK Science and the technology-driven mission of the company, as well as ‘other updates for investors.

Virtual platform with iHealthOX

As part of a revolutionary agreement for a network of ketamine-based clinics, the Company has partnered with iHealthOX to provide patients with a personalized digital tool specifically for mental health. Initially focused on Ketamine One’s network of Canadian clinics, patients will have access to live coaching sessions, one-on-one therapy options, evidence-based educational materials, and 24-hour emergency support. 24, 7 days a week. The iHealthOX platform will be available to patients in desktop and mobile versions, extending the Company’s services beyond its clinical locations.

Through iHealthOX’s online services, patients now have the option of being assessed virtually by a physician and clinical health care provider to determine their suitability for ketamine therapy and enhanced psychotherapy. by ketamine. The patient care plan also includes access to proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and classes, a personal care coach who will create an individual care plan that will teach patients the skills they need to develop their health. resilience and healthy routines. iHealthOX also offers group sessions led by live therapists and coaches that help participants learn, share and heal collectively around topics essential to their mental well-being. In addition to the one-on-one therapy offerings, participants will also be able to choose from a number of condition-specific virtual programs including, but not limited to, Depression Management, Anxiety Control, Reduction stress, mindfulness and meditation, and improved sleep. .

Management commentary

“This agreement with iHealthOX is revolutionary for ketamine and emerging therapies. Patients will benefit from 24/7 support and will also have direct access to licensed therapists and other tools specially designed to meet their individual needs, ”said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Ketamine One. “This agreement also allows Ketamine One to involve primary care teams throughout the treatment process, while providing emergency support. I believe this opens up a new model of treatment that is more accessible and can reach more people who need help, ”added Deffett.

“We look forward to entering our new partnership with Ketamine One and being able to provide much needed mental health services to more patients in Canada and the United States,” said Terri Storey, co-founder and CEO of iHealthOX.

“There is a growing need for mental health care services in North America,” added Matthew Segal, iHealthOX co-founder and CEO, Charlie Wellbeing. “Through our virtual care model, we can play a key role in helping Ketamine One deliver more personalized and integrated healthcare experiences to their growing number of patients in North America. “

Optimized clinic network

Recent regulatory changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the virtual delivery of more health services. As a result, and with Ketamine One’s new telehealth strategy, many clinics acquired by the company now serve patients virtually rather than in person in physical clinics. As a result, the Company is accelerating the rebranding and realignment of its clinic portfolio with a focus on breakthrough mental health care and veteran-focused clinics.

The company’s clinic network currently consists of several brands, including IRP Health, Canabo and MindScape, with other locations and brands being added both organically and by acquisition in the near future, including, but not limited to. limit, previously announced letters of intent to acquire NY Ketamine. Medical Practice PLLC and TriStar Wellness LLC, and in partnership with Veteran Services USA.

In order to better pursue Ketamine One’s mission, the company has identified some legacy locations to be well positioned for the IRP Health brand and to serve veterans. After a detailed review of the company’s entire clinic portfolio, including an assessment of the physical space and rental conditions of each clinic, Ketamine One transitioned multiple locations to a virtual care model in order to optimize its portfolio of clinics.

In summary, there are currently nine clinics operated by Ketamine One that serve patients in person, with the rest of the old clinics continuing to serve patients on a virtual basis. The company is actively seeking new, well-suited locations to offer both mental health treatments and be used for research through Ketamine One’s 100% -owned contract research organization, KGK Science.


iHealthOX is an employer health and wellness benefits company that uses cutting-edge data and technology to turn healthcare spending into high-value investments. Through its holistic and proactive approach, iHealthOX uses personalized care plans and online services to reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity. iHealthOX was founded by CEO Terri Storey, whose 20 years of mental health care and technology experience in Canada includes the creation of one of the largest mental health treatment organizations in Ontario. and the development of the first algorithms to instantly match mental health patients with healthcare providers. For more information, please visit


KetamineOne Capital Limited is a company focused on consolidating medical clinics and becoming a North American leader in mental health treatments. It strives to provide the essential infrastructure needed to develop and deliver breakthrough mental health treatments. Currently, Ketamine One has a network of clinics across North America, with plans to further consolidate the highly fragmented industry. The recent addition of KGK Science Inc. as a contract research division of the company also places the company at the forefront of high-end clinical research based on its extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industries, cannabis and emerging psychedelic medicine. As a collective enterprise, Ketamine One is dedicated to helping address the growing need for safe and accessible mental health therapy.



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