Isle of Wight man jailed after being threatened with an ax


A MAN consumed a cocktail of rum, butane gas and snorted prescription drugs before threatening a caregiver in the street with an ax.

Tomas Daniel Bateman, 31, was jailed Wednesday for his actions in Isle of Wight court after admitting to common assault and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

He was jailed for two years, but will serve half on license.

As previously reported by the County Press, he randomly approached a caregiver outside a residential house in Freshwater, who was about to return home after her shift.

He was brandishing an ax and the woman ran towards the house in terror – knocking on the door to be allowed in.

As he waved the gun, Bateman said, “I’ll get you, ma’am.”

Oscar Vincent, for Bateman, said that after consuming his cocktail of alcohol, gasoline and drugs, he remembered little if any what he had done, but apologized once he ‘he sobered up.

The offenses put Bateman in violation of a conditional sentence order (SSO).

In September, Bateman was given 12-month probation, with a restraining order and a nine-month alcoholism treatment order, for sending an offensive text.

In April, Bateman was jailed after he flouted an SSO by throwing a pot of plant through the window of a neighbor’s car.

The SSO was created for assaulting her mother, brandishing a sex toy at an elderly woman, growing cannabis and setting garbage on fire outside a neighbor’s door.

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