High History: Kiva Confections shares cannabis history in digital series


As one of the most regulated industries in the United States, cannabis is often embroiled in legalization battles. But the history of the plant dates back to 500 BC. and has deep roots in American history.

Kiva Confections, a cannabis edibles brand, aims to raise awareness of the history of cannabis through a new IGTV series called “High History”. The series stars YouTube personality Chris Klemens, comedian Rachel Wolfson, and TV writer and podcaster Ira Madison III as they consume Kiva products and tell little-known historical facts about cannabis.

Michael Guffey from Kiva hosts the show while lounging in an armchair and smoking a pipe. Logan Stone of Cinestone ran the show, which was developed by social agency Narrative Group.

“High History” was inspired by Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”, which features celebrities telling historical tales under the influence of alcohol, and “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”, a series of interviews between the host and comedian Zach Galifianakis and celebrities.

But the show is not exactly the same. “High History” focuses on conversation without complicated set design and forgoes the satirical reenactments at the heart of the series, Rebecca Nelson, Creative Director at Kiva Brands, told Campaign US.

“Our juxtaposition of a library study of teachers and two people playing while experiencing a euphoric high has been our source of intrigue and hilarity in this series,” she said. “We also had fun with the set props and encouraged both the show host and guest comedians to incorporate these historic props into their sketches in unique ways.”

The five “snack” episodes of “High History” are less than two minutes long and focus on a humorous historical lesson.

“Our supporters, customers and patients are serious about cannabis as a medicine, but upbeat and open about their cannabis use and the fun ways they enjoy our products,” said Nelson.

In episode one, Klemons gets fucked hard by Kiva’s 20 mg Terra Bites before telling that Benjamin Franklin “maybe was a jerk” and that the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

Although the story is factual, Klemons’ performance was mostly improvised under the influence. “They’re super low for anything,” he said. “They just let me have fun.”

Ultimately, “High History” hopes to give people a more nuanced understanding of cannabis.

“Cannabis is much more than just getting high and being silly with your friends or with all the misconceptions people have,” Klemmons said. “There really is such a story of the good, the bad and the ugly about cannabis. And to be where we are right now, in 2021, I don’t think people would have imagined it. “

Viewers can listen to High History on IGTV channel @madebykiva and on Klemens, Wolfson and Madison social media channels.

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