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The pharmaceutical chain HealthPlus has launched an ePharmacy platform, as part of efforts to improve access to healthy medicines and good healthcare services. It will also allow customers to access professional pharmacists online from the comfort of their homes using mobile devices.

HealthPlus Transformation Director Mr. Chidi Okoro at the service’s inauguration on Tuesday said the initiative would help connect more Nigerians to skilled pharmacists and accelerate the delivery of effective healthcare.

He said: “HealthPlus, Nigeria’s first integrative pharmacy made history by launching the very first electronic pharmacy and digital prescribing platform in Nigeria and possibly West Africa. Nigerians located anywhere in the country and even anywhere in the world can now get a prescription from a certified pharmacist and have the drugs delivered quickly.

“This revolutionary application is supposed to facilitate the interaction between patients (clients) and health service providers nationwide. It also marks a milestone in the democratization of health care in Nigeria and provides unprecedented access to health care for Nigerians in all geographic areas.

Okoro said pharmacists are the first point of care for many Nigerians and are essential in ensuring access to essential medicines. He said Nigeria is severely underserved when it comes to pharmacy locations and only 25 percent of local councils in Nigeria have some kind of pharmacy. This means that over 70 percent of boards do not have access to a pharmacist.

Okoro has promised HealthPlus will help close this gap. “In addition, Nigeria has one of the lowest productivity rates in the world. This is due to absenteeism and insufficient health care. If more Nigerians have access to health care and if we take a more proactive approach, productivity will increase dramatically, ”he said.

Okoro continued, “In keeping with its commitment to raising the standard of care, providing safe access to healthy medicines and reducing wait times, HealthPlus uses the latest technology to consolidate the collection of care and expand our vision to healthcare. mobile devices of our customers. “

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ernest Eguasa said: “This is a very exciting offering that combines the technology and capabilities of the rapidly growing healthcare and e-commerce industry dynamics in synergy to providing high quality, client-centered patient care. “

It gives our customers a channel to easily obtain a wide range of their medical needs with the added benefit of one-on-one pharmaceutical advice through our bespoke ‘Chat with Pharmacist’ feature that ensures patients get exactly what they want. need for their optimal health. “

Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alta Semper and Afsane Jetha, Private Equity Partner of HealthPlus, said: “Healthcare in Africa is at an inflection point and has proven its ability to surpass traditional business models; it is increasingly consumer-oriented and precision-driven. With this technology and platform, we are increasingly focusing on the preventive care and well-being of patients, giving them access at their fingertips and right down to the last mile.

Jetha said the HealthPlus ePharmacy is attributed to an increase in the number of Internet consumers, increased access to web and online services, and the growing implementation of electronic prescriptions in hospitals and other health services.

Jetha said that with 108 million internet users in Nigeria and around 120 million cell phone holders, HealthPlus is now able to connect more Nigerians to skilled pharmacists and accelerate the delivery of health care. effective.

Alta Semper’s CEO Zachary Fond said HealthPlus’ commitment to superior quality at a reasonable cost maintains the company’s vision to be the most trusted healthcare retail brand. from West Africa. “HealthPlus is at the forefront of responding to this changing industry, given the strength of the company’s brand and growing footprint nationwide, we plan to devote more effort to transformation initiatives aimed at integrating end-to-end healthcare services for our customers, ”said Fond.

Meanwhile, new research examining the benefits of exercise and diet programs provided by telehealth found that 80% of participants experienced improvement in pain and an average of 10% weight loss, with a man losing. 39 kilograms.

More than 400 people with osteoarthritis of the knee have participated in the Better Knee, Better Me trial, developed by the University of Melbourne in partnership with Medibank and Austin Health.

Published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the study showed that the researchers evaluated two six-month telehealth exercise programs, one with and the other without a weight loss diet plan, versus one. control group only informative.

During the trial, intervention group participants received support from physiotherapists and dietitians through Zoom and a suite of resources. People in the exercise plus diet group were also given meal replacements so that they could follow a low-energy ketogenic diet.

Compared to the group that received only information, both intervention programs had beneficial effects on pain, function and quality of life. Compared to the exercise alone program, the combined exercise and diet program resulted in additional benefits including greater pain reduction, greater improvements in physical function, less use of pain relievers, and reduced pain relief. significant weight loss. After both programs, participants were also less willing to undergo knee replacement surgery.

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