Governor signs bill demanding more information on disabling step therapy programs


Managed care plans and insurance companies will soon have to provide customers with more information about step therapy programs, including how to opt out, thanks to a government bill. Ron DeSantis just enacted the law.

On Wednesday, DeSantis signed HB 459which establishes the protocols that managed care plans and insurance companies must follow for programs with specific sequences in which prescription drugs, medical procedures, and other treatments are to be used for a health condition.

Such a program – which includes the initial use of cost-effective and lower-risk drug therapies and progression to more expensive and riskier therapies when necessary – is known as “step therapy” Where “first failure requirement” program.

The bill, which becomes law on July 1, requires companies that use step therapy programs to provide clients and healthcare providers with information on how to request exemptions to step therapy protocols. The information must be published in writing on the company’s website.

Companies approving exemptions should then provide customers with written details of the prescribed drug, medical procedure or approved treatment. In cases where companies deny exemptions from step therapy protocols, they must give customers a written explanation, including the clinical rationale for the denial.

Rep. Wellington Democratic Matt Willhite introduced the bill in the last legislative session. Republican Senator Stuart Gayle Harrel sponsored his companion (SB 730).

Representatives. Robin Bartleman, Christopher Benjamin, Angie Davis, Anna Eskamani, Christina Hunschofsky, Dotie Joseph, daisy morals, Michelle Salzman, Kelly Skidmore, Allison Tant, Geri Thompson and Sense. Loranne Ausley and Tina Polski co-sponsored the measures.

In a statement Thursday, Willhite called the bill’s ratification a “great achievement” and expressed gratitude for Harrell’s “excellent work in guiding” the bill through the Senate.

“Every day we see a doctor’s decision made on a patient’s treatment being challenged or reversed by health insurers to control their costs,” he said. “This law allows transparency of the process when an insurer requires step therapy and helps patients and their doctors achieve the ultimate goal of improving the patient’s health.”

The legislation, while barely splashy in its focus, has attracted a wave of behind-the-scenes attention. Like Florida politics Previously reportedmore … than 110 lobbyists had signed up to lobby the bill in the House in late January.

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