Godlewski Campaign: Unveils Plan to Take on Big Pharma and Limit Prescription Drug Costs


MADISON — This morning, Sarah Godlewski, U.S. Senate candidate and Wisconsin State Treasurer, released a plan to address the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs plaguing Wisconsin residents. Americans pay up to two to four times more for the same drugs than those in Australia, Canada and France. Here in Wisconsin, prescription drug costs rose at a rate nearly twice the average Wisconsinite income from 2015 to 2019.

“As pharmaceutical companies make record profits, people are skipping pills to make their prescriptions last a little longer, others have to choose between groceries and lifesaving drugs. For years, Democrats and Republicans have campaigned to cut prescription drug costs, but every time Washington is about to strike a deal to cut prescription drug costs, Big Pharma steps in and the politicians give in. “said Sarah Godlewski. “Like so many Wisconsin residents, I am tired of all the rhetoric and the lack of action, in the Senate, I will fight to finally get this done.”

Later today, Sarah will meet with Wisconsin residents in Green Bay to hear their stories and discuss her plan.

Sarah’s plan to control drug costs and hold Big Pharma accountable:

  • Ensure Medicare can negotiate lower drug costs

  • Cap direct dispensing fees for seniors

  • Cap the price of widely used drugs

  • Create an international price index to ensure drug companies don’t charge Americans more for the same product

  • Prevent pharmaceutical companies from raising prices above the rate of inflation

  • Eliminate the tax giveaway for Big Pharma

  • End patent maquis so that low-cost generic drugs can be produced

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