Global next-generation bioproduction market to reach $ 85.20 billion by 2031, BIS research study suggests


FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, Dec. 6, 2021 / – Global Next Generation Biofabrication Market Expected to Reach $ 85.20 Billion by 2031, Top Market Intelligence Study Finds range from BIS Research. The study also highlights that the market is expected to experience a CAGR of 14.85% during the forecast period 2021-2031.

The comprehensive study of the Global Next Generation Bioproduction Market by BIS Research covers the following in detail:

• Market figures on micro-segments that influence the market
• Different products and services available on the market
• Detailed analysis of tariff data
• Evaluation of more than 250 brands
• Market share analysis for more than 20 product categories
• End user preference data for more than 50 end users
• Detailed analysis of regional market shares, including scrutiny of over 16 countries
• Study of data from more than 15 companies.

The detailed study is a compilation of 10 market data tables and 154 figures spread over 263 pages and an in-depth table of contents on “Global Next Generation Bioproduction Market – Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2031”
Besides these parameters, the study also encompasses market growth drivers, opportunities, market restraining factors, competition mapping, segmental analysis, and a visual dashboard of 1000+ products.
The BIS Research study indicates that the growth of the global next-generation bioproduction market is mainly attributed to the high demand for biologics and biosimilars to meet the growing needs of patients. In addition, the increased production of new therapies during the COVID-19 pandemic has generated a strong demand for automation in the bioproduction unit, which is also acting as a key factor in the growth of the global bioproduction market. next generation.
The study highlights the various emerging opportunities, such as investment opportunities in emerging countries and collaboration between product and service providers and end users of the global next generation bioproduction market.

The BIS Research market insights further highlight key industry trends which have a considerable influence on shaping the industry going forward. These trends include technological advancements in bioproduction leading to the transformation towards digital bioprocessing and the shift in preference towards single-use bioreactors and automated bioreactors for large-scale production.

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To underline the predominance of hereditary genetic testing in the European market, Arif Kamal Khan, Senior Research Analyst, BIS Research, says: invading the market space. Additionally, with the integration of automation and digital technology into biofabrication, there is immense potential for these emerging sub-markets to continue to propel the global next-generation biofabrication market. Even though other industries are actively using the technology, bioprocess digital twins are gaining potential in the biopharmaceutical industry. Digital twins are expected to bring a revolutionary change in bioproduction as they replace laboratory experiments with internal simulations. silico, providing a rapid and cost-effective alternative for research, development, and innovation. Digital bioprocess twins in the biomanu factoring industry have enormous potential for value creation. The growing market supports the growth of the markets for bioprocess supplies and services at comparable annual rates. In addition, increasing budgets for new capital investments in bioprocessing equipment and favorable government funding are also driving the market growth.

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Key insights have been gleaned from in-depth interviews with key thought leaders from over 15 leading companies, market players, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Leading product and service providers operating in the global next-generation bioproduction space include Applikon Biotechnology BV, bbi-biotech GmbH, Danaher Corporation, Eppendorf AG, Esco Group of Companies, GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, Meissner Filtration Products, Inc ., Merck KGaA, PBS Biotech, Inc., Pierre Guérin, Sartorius AG, Shanghai Bailun Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Solaris Biotechnology Srl, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and ZETA GmbH
The study also offers strategic recommendations that can help organizations keep up with various products, services, trends, and technologies that are changing market dynamics. BIS Research recommendations also offer tailored research services to help organizations achieve their goals.
Who should buy this report?
• Manufacturers of next-generation bioproduction equipment, suppliers of digital and single-use bioreactors, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, research institutes, contract development and manufacturing organizations, and contract research organizations.
• Companies offering single-use / disposable bioproduction and automation related products and service providers in the next-generation bioproduction market.

How can business intelligence on next-generation global bioproduction add value to an organization’s decision-making process?
• Help in the development of new products in a profitable manner
• Help target a segment to launch a new product
• Proposes marketing strategies for different types of products
• Help to diversify the basis risk of the product portfolio and the advancement of technology
• Help in analyzing technological substitutes and comparing types
• Offers tailor-made solutions based on the throughput of different laboratories
• Help to understand the end user requirement
• Help to explore new procedures and services
• Assistance in the analysis of the competitor’s financing scenario

About BIS Recherche:

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