Geisinger strives to reduce prescription costs with help from EQRx


DANVILLE, Pennsylvania. – Geisinger strives to reduce prescription drug costs through its work with EQRx, a new type of pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and delivery of important new drugs to patients at dramatically lower prices. Geisinger is committed to working to provide safe, effective and affordable drugs that are readily available to its patients and members of its healthcare plan.

The parties signed a non-binding agreement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which provides a roadmap for Geisinger and EQRx to complete a commercial agreement that would give Geisinger members and patients access to EQRx’s innovative drug pipeline, subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) the United States. The MOU envisions an expansion of the existing long-term strategic collaboration between the two organizations with a common goal of bringing innovative therapies to the people Geisinger serves, in a financially sustainable way.

The agreement would initially focus on EQRx’s two main oncology programs, aumolertinib and sugemalimab, and could be extended to other programs in the EQRx pipeline. Aumolertinib, an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor, and sugemalimab, an anti-PD-L1 antibody, have both shown promising phase 3 data for the treatment of patients with breast cancer. advanced non-small cell lung (NSCLC).

“Our partnership with EQRx is well aligned with Geisinger’s commitment to our community to facilitate better health by directly addressing the rising costs of healthcare and drugs in particular,” said Mike Evans, Director of Pharmacy at Geisinger. “Soaring drug costs are placing an unsustainable burden on patients and the US healthcare system. This partnership marks Geisinger’s commitment to disrupt the status quo and help make lower-cost medicines for our patients a reality.

“We are committed to partnering with different types of health systems around the world to increase access to medicines, and we are delighted to be working with Geisinger, a leading integrated distribution network, ”said Melanie Nallicheri, CEO of EQRx. “The MOU provides a roadmap for access to future EQRx products, starting with our two main oncology programs, and paves the way for the delivery of these innovative drugs at lower cost to more than one million people in Geisinger’s healthcare system after FDA approval.

Aabout Geisinger
Geisinger is committed to making it easier to improve the health of the more than one million people it serves. Founded over 100 years ago by Abigail Geisinger, the system now includes nine hospital campuses, a health plan with over half a million members, a research institute and the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. With nearly 24,000 employees and more than 1,600 employed physicians, Geisinger boosts the savings of his hometown in Pennsylvania by billions of dollars a year. Learn more at or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About EQRx
EQRx is a new type of pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and delivery of innovative drugs to patients at dramatically lower prices. Launched in January 2020, EQRx is purpose-built, large-scale, with a growing catalog of drugs in development in high-cost drug categories and emerging partnerships with major payers and suppliers. Leveraging cutting-edge science and technology and strategic partnerships with stakeholders across the healthcare system, EQRx aims to deliver innovative, patent-protected medicines more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. To find out more, visit and follow us on social media: Twitter: @EQRxInc, LinkedIn, Instagram: @eqrxinc.
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