DRAP prohibits doctors from prescribing brand-name drugs, only generics should be prescribed


The Pakistan Medicines Regulatory Authority (DRAP) has banned doctors from writing the brand names of drugs on prescriptions and only writing the generic form of drugs.

A letter has been issued by the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) stating that doctors will no longer be able to prescribe the name of the drug, instead of writing the name of the drug, they will only prescribe the generic name of the drug.

He further stated that owners of medical stores will not be allowed to dispense drugs without a prescription and without a pharmacist.

The letter also stated that the sale of drugs should not be allowed anywhere without a prescription, while the prescription should only be dispensed by a licensed physician.

“The availability of a qualified pharmacist in each medical store is necessary for the sale of drugs,” he added.

Pharmaceutical legal adviser Noor Mehr said mass protests would be staged across the country from January 2022 if implementation was delayed.

On Saturday, the Authority, when issuing a code of conduct for drug companies and doctors, banned drug companies from paying cash.

The code of conduct on the relationship between physicians and pharmaceutical companies was published with the approval of the cabinet. In accordance with this code of conduct, pharmaceutical companies have been prevented from making cash payments to doctors.

Pharmaceutical companies would not cover travel expenses for family members of doctors and others.

It was further stated in the code of conduct that expenses incurred for travel abroad should not be paid to physicians without a certificate of no objection (NOC). No unnecessary payments will be made to physicians for educational and scientific conferences.

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