Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is the famous brand ambassador of Fillmed


Dr Ahmad Moukaled.

It is so amazing to know all these people and professionals who believe in doing everything right to bring their respective industries to greater levels of success through their exceptional work.

The medical industry is one such space that has grown with many equally talented doctors, medical professionals, and practitioners in different medical fields including the aesthetic space. We have come to discover such an amazing doctor and a board-certified surgeon in the medical aesthetic niche who believed in his vision of taking the field to greater heights, and that’s what he is now doing with his work ; we are talking about Dr. Ahmad Moukalled.

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled says he has always been driven to do his best in the medical world and specifically in the aesthetics industry, in which he specializes as a board-certified surgeon and a graduate of American University from Beirut, Lebanon.

He is part of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and operates between Dubai, Egypt and Beirut, and will soon also practice in Saudi Arabia with a state-of-the-art facility built with the aim of meeting patient expectations. them and bewitch them with their sure charges and techniques to give them an enhanced look, ultimately adding to their confidence as individuals.

Speaking about his association with Fillmed, where he is the brand ambassador, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled says he has always sought brands in the aesthetics industry that aligned with his beliefs as a physician and surgeon and who showed great potential. to add more value and “volume” to people’s lives and aesthetics.

Partnering with Fillmed, he says the brand has, over the years, developed, designed and marketed excellent anti-aging products for medical aesthetic professionals, which have helped dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners and surgeons like him working on facial fillers. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is known for his own special facial filler technique that transforms and lifts in a natural way.

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has indeed come a long way in the industry and proven himself not only in Beirut, Dubai and Egypt, but gradually throughout the medical aesthetics industry, which makes him also made headlines.

Learn more about him via Instagram @drahmadmoukalled.

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