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Adam Arp and his bees roam Northland to produce Sweet Sting Honey.

Buzzing from one side of Flagstaff to the other, including parts of Sedona, Bellemont, Winslow, and even Payson, Sweet Sting Honey owner Adam Arp is a busy beekeeper.

Growing up and working alongside his father’s accomplished business for over 30 years, Mountain Top Honey, Arp’s beehives are transported from site to site depending on several factors.

“I start the hives at lower elevations and move to higher elevations to track different blooms,” Arp said. “It all depends on the time of year, the weather and the precipitation. This year has been good in Flagstaff due to the amount of rain we have received.

Leaving his career as a civil engineer 12 years ago, Arp embarked on his Sweet Sting Honey brand because he wanted to specialize in raw specialty honey. “It was also an opportunity for me to continue and develop my father’s business. It is the only honey trading company in Flagstaff.

Arp said he started selling his honey at the Flagstaff Community Market, Farmers’ Market and Flagstaff Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and now attends various festivals and events.

“People love their honey. It’s a great product and very popular, ”said Genevieve Perkins, Director of Flagstaff CSA.

Several stores sell Sweet Sting Honey and customers are happy. “We offer samples of all the brands of honey we sell and Sweet Sting Honey is the most popular,” said Eleanor Krueger, director of Old Barrel Tea Company (OBTC). “We sell the raw honey from Sweet Sting Honey and rotate the different varieties. My favorite is Camelthorn honey. It’s super creamy and very light.

Camelthorn Honey is produced in Winslow during June and July and is the most sought after flavor. Flagstaff Wildflower is produced in late summer and fall.

Managing around 210 beehives this year, Arp says he’s produced nearly 15,000 pounds of honey. “We grow an average of about 75 pounds of honey per hive,” Arp said. Mormon Lake, Belmont, Doney Park, and Cordes Junction are other areas where Arp keeps their hives in a healthy and comfortable environment.

“Three years ago, we built a new factory in Mountainaire to monitor production,” said Arp. “This is where we extract the honey, bottle it and store it, the whole process.”

The attributes of honey far outweigh the sweetening properties. Honey is the sweetest food found in nature and has a long history of use as a medicine.

“According to studies published in the Journal of Medicinal Food and the European Journal Of Medicine, honey in its raw form can lower cholesterol, increase antioxidant levels in the blood, reduce high blood pressure levels, increase blood pressure. excretion of nitrate from the body, balancing blood sugar in diabetes and even serving as a topical formula for diaper rash and other skin conditions, ”said Nicolette Severa, nutritional health coach for Sedona Natural Grocers.

The modern term for beekeeping is beekeeping, but the practice is ancient. Arp says placement of beehives is imperative and hives should be inspected regularly.

Sweet Sting Honey flavors also include Desert Wildflower, Flagstaff Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Mesquite, and Clover.

“Business is going very well for me,” said Arp. “My main goal is to keep the bees healthy, alive and to maintain their populations by moving them and keeping them in good feeding conditions. “

Along with OBTC and Flagstaff CSA, Sweet Sting Honey can be found locally at The Golden Hive, Steep Leaf Lounge, and other specialty stores around Arizona.

“My wife, Monique, owns Shear Bella Salon and she wears our honey, probably the only salon in town that has it,” he said.

Apart from his beekeeping, Arp enjoys spending time with his two boys. “We walk, fish, go boating and play soccer and football.”

To contact Sweet Sting Honey, call 928-606-1415, email [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

Favorite movie

My favorite movie is Top Gun.

I am influenced by

It would have to be my dad, Dennis Arp. Growing up around the business and seeing its hard work ethic and how it transfers – all the beekeeping business and the invisible work it takes to get the honey in the jar and its knowledge of many different skills. I strive to be the same as a father and a business owner.

Guilty pleasure

Go fishing, on hunting trips or on hikes and boating at Lake Powell. Seems like there is always work to be done, but it’s good to take a break and get out there and experience nature. It helps productivity later.

Last hobby

I have just started to learn archery and hope to learn how to do it well. It’s very difficult but I like it.

The movie about me will be the star

Chuck Liddell. He is a mixed martial artist and former light heavyweight champion. I look a bit like him. NBF

By V. Ronnie Tierney, FBN

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