As US overdose death toll rises, guard calls for better drug storage


Securing Medicines at Home Can Help Families Fight Addiction

SACRAMENTO, California., 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe that 100,300 Americans have died of drug overdoses of May 2020 To April 2021, the highest number ever recorded in a calendar year.

Gatekeeper Innovation Inc. secures medications. (PRNewsfoto / Gatekeeper Innovation Inc)

CDC data shows that overdose deaths from synthetic opioids (mainly fentanyl), methamphetamine, cocaine, natural and semi-synthetic opioids (such as prescription pain relievers) have all increased relative to the last year.

In response to the announcement, Gatekeeper Innovation is calling for better preservation of prescription drugs to prevent the diversion of drugs from the pharmacy to the home.

“It’s time to act. 100k lives lost due to drug overdose, while 70% of teenagers surveyed say home medicine cabinet is their source of medication, “says Kevin kane, CEO of Gatekeeper Innnovation, Inc. ”Misuse of prescription pain relievers is the second most common form of illicit drug use in the United States. Most people don’t take to the streets to access these drugs; they go straight to their medicine cabinets at home. If we are to protect our communities, we must prevent the diversion of prescription drugs after they leave the pharmacy. “

Among those aged 12 or older in 2020 who abused prescription pain relievers in the past year, the most common source because the last pain reliever they abused was from a friend or relative in some way (given, bought or taken without asking).

According to Foundation for a Drug Free World, nearly 50% of teens believe prescription drugs are much safer than illegal street drugs, 60-70% say home medicine cabinets are their source of drugs.

A report from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that the majority of prescription drugs that are abused come from legitimate prescriptions. However, once dispensed, prescription drugs are frequently diverted to people for non-medical purposes. The study authors recommend a holistic approach to the problem, including the development of innovative prescription packaging that can reduce non-medical use and diversion.

Gatekeeper manufactures safe drug storage devices to prevent the diversion of potent prescription drugs from the home pharmacy, with a product line that includes a patented combination locking cap offered as a covered benefit that can secure drugs at the pharmacy level, a medicine box locking system that can secure drugs at home and new drug locking devices based on IoT technology.

“Extending safety measures for the storage of controlled substances from the pharmacy to the home mitigates the risk of accidental poisoning, misuse and abuse,” says Kane. “We have partnered with payers and pharmacies nationwide to help deliver medication retention devices as a covered benefit, so all patients can secure their medications at home and keep them safe. of their family and their community. “

About Gatekeeper Innovation Inc: Gatekeeper Innovation Inc. is a Sacramentobased company offering tamper-evident and abuse deterrent technology while supporting treatment adherence. Gatekeeper Innovation’s mission is to provide options for obtaining prescription drugs to help prevent diversion and substance use disorders. To learn more about Gatekeeper’s hijacking products, visit:



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