Age-old brands mix the old with the new for the New Year


Ti Gong

Visitors to the Zigzag Bridge of Yuyuan Garden Shopping Malls.

The centuries-old Shanghai brands will jointly launch new products, blending traditional Chinese cultures and innovative designs, to boost consumption for the New Year festival.

The New Year’s Gift Festival kicked off in Yuyuan Garden malls this weekend as the inaugural event of the Shanghai New Year’s Shopping Festival.

More than a dozen well-known brands in shopping malls attended to celebrate the approach of the Year of the Tiger and encourage locals to spend the Spring Festival in Shanghai amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 238-year-old Tonghanchun TCM Pharmacy, for example, will release a series of TCM health teas on the theme of 24 solar terms by the end of the year.

Traditional TCM prescriptions have been implied and improved to meet the habits of today’s customers. Other novelties such as ginseng balm and essential oil have also been launched to attract mainly young customers.

Age-old brands mix the old with the new for the New Year

Ti Gong

The new “Tiger Head Buns” from the century-old Nanxiang Steamed Bun restaurant.

The century-old Nanxiang Steamed Bun restaurant will release a limited number of “Tiger Head Buns” from January 2022.

Other centuries-old Yuyuan restaurants, such as the 264-year-old Songhelou Restaurant, Shanghai Classical Hotel which opened in 1875, Lubolang Restaurant and Chunfeng Songyuelou, the oldest vegetarian restaurant, will jointly launch banquet packs for customers can pass the news The eve of the year at home.

Ligao pear syrup herb drink read, inspired by ligao tang (pear syrup candy), one of Yuyuan’s most popular products, has been made into lollipops.

the ligao tang, based on a century-old recipe, can treat coughs but is too sweet to eat straight and is best dissolved in hot water for drinking. It was made into a canned ready-to-drink drink, so that people could take it with them.

“The festival aims to further stimulate consumption amid the pandemic while helping secular brands modernize and embrace the internet age,” said Huang Zhen, president of Yuyuan Inc.

Age-old brands mix the old with the new for the New Year

Ti Gong

The new ginseng balm released by TCM pharmacy in Tonganchun, 238 years old.

On Friday, the company signed a cooperation agreement with food delivery company to deliver all Yuyuan products to customers’ doors amid the pandemic. More than 80 Yuyuan outlets, including jewelry, cosmetics, watches and TCM drugs, will open their online stores on

Delivery people will dress like the traditional Chinese gods of fortune, marriage or medicine to serve customers between January 1 and January 7.

Local residents have been urged to avoid non-essential travel during the upcoming New Years and Spring Festival holidays.

A locally transmitted COVID-19 case and 12 imported infections were reported in the city on Friday, the Shanghai Health Commission announced on Saturday morning.

Age-old brands mix the old with the new for the New Year

Ti Gong

Many innovative gifts released by the centuries-old brands of Yuyuan Garden shopping malls.

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