Actor Jim Belushi strains for legalized recreational pot at Billings rally


Marijuana is a big issue on the June 7 ballot for voters in Yellowstone County, and some big names are rallying around the area in support of legal recreational weed.

Actor Jim Belushi headlined a pro-marijuana event at Henry’s Garage in South Billings over the weekend.

Belushi owns and operates Belushi Farms, a cannabis-based business. It’s something he calls a gateway to healing.

“I believe everyone needs medicine. There are people who are crying out for trauma in their lives. And they’re looking for medicine, and all I’m saying is cannabis is a beautiful medicine,” Belushi told MTN News in an interview.

In addition to working on his farm and filming “Growing Belushi” – a new show documenting his life on his southwestern Oregon cannabis farm – on Discovery Plus, Belushi is currently working with the edibles company based in Montana, Bhang Chocolate, to bring its brands to the treasure. State.

“We do Blues Brothers Chocolate. We’re very curious about Montana and bringing the Belushi and Blues Brothers brands here to Montana. It’s just a beautiful state and the people are very beautiful,” he said. .

But despite this business venture, pot proponents worry about what could happen if recreational marijuana were toppled in Yellowstone County.

Montana voters approved statewide recreational marijuana sales in the 2020 election, but a provision in the law gave county commissioners the right to put the issue to a local ballot. That’s exactly what Yellowstone County commissioners did in December 2021, less than two months after voters rejected a similar measure allowing recreational marijuana within city limits.

“I fear hundreds of people will be affected if this goes away,” said Jason Smith, treasurer of Better for Montana, a group that supports the legalization of recreational marijuana.

On June 7, voters will be asked if the county should rescind the approval of recreational marijuana in Yellowstone County. In other words, voting “for” means you are against recreational pot, and voting “against” means you want recreational pot shops to be able to operate in the county.

Proponents of recreational marijuana say the county could make millions in dollars from recreational sales, while opponents say they fear more recreational marijuana could lead to a increase in crime and drug abuse.

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