2021 Global Commercial Research Antibodies Market Report:


Dublin, November 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The report “The 2021 Research Antibodies Market: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers” has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

Designed specifically for commercial prefabricated catalog antibody vendors, this primary research report identifies scientists’ expectations and preferences with respect to usage, brands, purchasing, product quality, and budgets.

For companies competing in the antibody market and for those about to enter, the key findings highlight market share, competitive positioning, customer satisfaction, and how well current products meet the needs. researchers.

Further, the report identifies “best-in-class” vendors by application and by most widely used techniques, which identify any gaps that present opportunities for antibody vendors.

The voice of 818 scientists working with research antibodies

The publisher spoke to 818 scientists from various geographies who use research antibodies to develop the information in this report. The report can be useful in understanding the different criteria that laboratories use to choose their antibody suppliers and the critical touch points in the purchasing process where suppliers can influence that decision.

Specifically, how the antibodies are ordered is documented, with an emphasis on typical purchase size, average spend, projected spend, preferred order channels, and likelihood of repurchasing.

COVID-19 Research Antibody Market Overview

As the variants continue to draw attention to COVID-19, the report includes a section dedicated to the use of COVID-19-linked antibodies:

  • Use of COVID-19 antibodies by region and type
  • Percentage of research on COVID-19
  • To what extent are supply issues a factor

Information not available from other sources

The 2021 Research Antibody Market: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers is a valuable resource, based on a survey by the exclusive panel of the Science and Medicine Group.

For vendors looking for ways to differentiate their products in this competitive market, The 2021 Market for Research Antibodies: Keys to Success for Commercial Suppliers highlights what more than 800 laboratory scientists around the world believe can help them achieve their goals. research objectives. At the strategic and tactical levels, vendors can confidently use this report to make decisions regarding the development and commercialization of prefabricated catalog antibodies.

Among the considerations of the report

  • Percentage spent by brand
  • COVID-19 Considerations in 2021
  • Perception of “best-in-class” antibody brands
  • Antibodies used by the technique
  • Volume estimates
  • Types of conjugate antibodies used
  • Recombinant antibody structures used
  • Budgets for antibody research
  • Key Considerations When Evaluating Suppliers
  • Desired products and resources from suppliers
  • Major issues requiring troubleshooting, by technique
  • Ordered Concentrations for Prefabricated Standard Catalog Antibodies
  • Vials or tubes ordered
  • What would encourage customers to order more

Companies mentioned

  • Abcam
  • Abnova
  • Active pattern
  • aviva
  • Comics
  • Beckman coulter
  • Bethyl
  • Bio-Rad
  • BioGenex
  • biotechnology
  • Cell signaling
  • Cytiva
  • Dako
  • MBL
  • Millipore Sigma
  • Miltenyi Biotec
  • New England Biolabs
  • PeproTech
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Promega
  • SAB
  • Santa Cruz
  • Seracare
  • ThermoFisher
  • Vector laboratories
  • WuXi AppTec

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