Using Modafinil For BodyBuilding & For Pre-Workout

dave asprey on modafinil

Lately I Have been taking modafinil from because I Have read online that it inspires you to push harder. It is somehow working for me, although it may be placebo. I sleep also, and the extra time actually helps with coursework. Normally I take regular 30 minute rests writing essays or when preparing for tests, but I go for 2-3 hours just stopping for toilet breaks. I get engrossed with whatever I am doing and get a feeling of mental clarity once it kicks in after one hour approximately. There is this sense of ‘i should get this shit done’, which will be amazing when used right. I am normally not a mobile-gambling type of guy and it was on my sister’s telephone.

Nevertheless, I’ve been getting head aches that were minor. This never occurred before modafinil was added by me into the stack, therefore I’m unsure if its because of the modafinil or perhaps some negative interactions with my present stack.

My present stack:
Piracetam 1.5g
Creatin 5g
Omega3 fish oil 1000mg
Is there any seasoned users that are modafinil /specialists whom are capable to share suggestions?

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