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The internet portal GetMoney is currently presenting itself as a true think-tank in matters of credit. Loan sponsors recently had their premiere here, to help loan seekers with advice and support, and credit providers now feel the blessings of the GetMoney creative pool. For the first time in the history of so-called P2P loans (peer-to-peer loans, or private-to-private loans) cars can now be used for credit protection. The already low GetMoney credit default rate of just under 6 percent (of which only 0.19% complete losses) should be lowered even further.

One recognizes this form of protection by a car symbol on the profile of the loan seeker, with the latter indicates that he guarantees as a car owner for the security of a loan. In order to determine the current value of his car and thus the value of the car security for his credit , the borrower must use the car letter data to enter various parameters of the vehicle such as model, year and mileage in a mask.

The fact that many potential borrowers own a car, the chances of success for this form of protection are not bad. Already one can assume that GetMoney with his idea of ​​the car insurance for loans from private to private open (auto) doors will break open.

GetMoney is a platform that offers two options: private money to borrow or lend private money. As a loan seeker, customers can discontinue their loan project, even without a SCHUFA query. The searcher determines the interest and the term of his loan independently. Investors can participate from 50,00 Euro and achieve a higher return than a bank.

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