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To use the special repayment for a installment loan, this is the modern way to plan loans in the long term and still repay them at short notice. Who acts like this, has all the advantages on his side. Installment loan with special repayment – planning a installment loan The possibility of special repayment is underestimated by many. But the special repayment option is an important tool to repay quickly with small installments. Properly planned, an installment loan is an extremely long term agreed. The monthly payable rate falls far short of the personal limit. This keeps the financial leeway to respond to life’s unpredictable financial setbacks. Nevertheless, of course, no one wants to pay long on his debts. The difference to the possible installment payment is transferred to a savings account by standing order. In this way there is no risk of “living it out”. In addition, this Passbook…

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